We supply your family's monthly & daily grocery needs

Monthly grocery purchase is repeated with same items 90% of the time.

90% of the time we buy the same groceries and home essentials every month over and over again. So we modelled and designed DailyBasket after this exact behaviour.

And this gives you

  • - Faster discovery
  • - Faster checkout
  • - Rewarding experience

You can configure your daily essentials needs per day, and we will deliver every morning. Some of them are

  • - Fresh produce (Vegetables, fruits)
  • - Dairy items (Milk, Curd)
  • - Batters (Idli & Dosa batters)
  • - Bread & Eggs

Daily delivery calendar for you to order your daily essentials.

And we are building curated grocery lists based on different Indian households.

Every family has different needs. At DailyBasket, we are working hard to create curated grocery lists based on different buying patterns of different families. For example, we have

  • - Healthy & Dieting foods
  • - Easy cook basket
  • - Baby care
  • - Traditional health foods
  • - Home bakers

And we are adding lot more every day.

Since we are buying same groceries every month, DailyBasket offers you to easily subscribe to a any grocery list and get it delivered on your preferred schedule. Now you can enjoy

  • - Hassle free deliveries
  • - Ability to add/update your carts anytime before delivery.

And its subscribable.

With great discounts.

Dailybasker ofers flat 2% discount on all items if you subscribe for more than 1 month on any grocery list.

This is possible because of our unique inventory model where we analyze our customer needs regularly and stock accordingly.

We offer 5-20% offer on wide range of products